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Two-factor authentication
1. What is two-factor authentication ("2FA")?

Two-factor authentication is the use of two different methods to verify the identity of users, so that customers can get double protection when making online transactions. The first step of authentication requires the customer to enter the account login name and password, while the second step of authentication requires the customer to enter a one-time password ("OTP") obtained by the Ayers security code. After completing the above two-factor authentication, the Client may log on to the Online Securities Trading Account ("Account"). For information about Ayers Security Code, please refer to the "FAQ – Ayers Security Code" section.


2. Why introduce two-factor authentication for online transactions? What are the benefits?

The two-factor authentication mechanism helps to reduce and mitigate the hacking risk associated with Internet transactions, thereby bringing additional protection to Internet transactions. For more information on two-factor authentication, please visit the "Money Home Inside" website: managed by the Investor Education Centre


3. Can I opt out of two-factor authentication?

No, the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") issued the Guidelines on Mitigating and Mitigating the Risk of Hacking in Connection with Internet Transactions issued on 27 October 2017, which requires all licensees or registrants engaged in Internet transactions to comply with 20 basic requirements to enhance their resilience in cyber security and reduce and mitigate the risk of hacking. Licensees or registrants engaged in internet trading are required to implement two-factor authentication for clients logging in to their internet trading accounts on or before 27 April 2018. All other rules will take effect on July 27, 2018.


4. When will Matrix Securities start implementing two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication began at 5pm on April 27, 2018.


5. Will there be any changes to the online securities trading services after the implementation of two-factor authentication?

Apart from the addition of the following new features, there will be no changes to other trading functions.

Each time you log in to your account, you will need to enter the OTP obtained by Ayers Security Code for the second step of authentication.


6. What do I need to do to prepare for two-factor authentication?

Please ensure the accuracy of your registered mobile phone number and email address with us in order to receive emails and Ayers Security Code from us.


7. What should I do if I need to place an order in real time but I cannot log in to my trading account?

Please call our Securities trading Hotline at (852) 2208 7820 today.