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Brief introduction

If you wish to trade Hong Kong stocks with Matrix Securities Limited, you can open a cash trading account for securities first. You can issue application individually and jointly.

Account opening documents  

1. Customer Agreement

2. Account Opening Form


Customers who wish to open an individual or joint securities account with Matrix Securities Ltd can apply through the following means:

Apply in person

Please bring along the relevant documents listed in the following section to our customer service department to complete the account opening registration process.

The address and office hours of the Company's customer service department.

Matrix Securities Limited

Suite 1406, 14/F, Great Eagle Centre, 23 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Office Hours: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m

(Monday to Friday, except public holidays)

Apply by mail

You can complete and sign the relevant account opening documents and send them back to the Company together with the required documents; In addition, in accordance with the SFC guidelines, we kindly ask you to provide one of the following information to verify your identity and signature:

1. If the account opening witness is a registered attestor, certified public accountant or lawyer, a licensed bank branch manager or a Justice of the Peace, please send it back to the Company together with a copy of the witness's identity card and business card.

2. Customers may send back to the Company a crossed cheque which meets the following requirements:

· The bank account names of the signer and issuer of the cheque must be consistent with the names of the account opening applicant and the names on the copy of the identity card/passport;

  Cheque amount of HK$10,000 or above

  Account letterhead indicates: Matrix Securities Limited

  The signature on the cheque must be the same as the signature on the account opening form;

· The cheque must be issued by a licensed bank in Hong Kong.  

The cheque will be credited to your trading account and the cheque will not be processed until the cheque is cashed.


All customers who apply for account opening by post will receive a telephone verification of the information on the form by our staff within one week. The Client Agreement will be mailed to you within 7 working days after account opening, together with a copy of the Account Opening Form and Account Opening Agreement. If you do not accept the contents of the agreement, you can contact us at any time to cancel your account.

Individual and Joint clients

Please bring copies of the following documents:

· Personal Account: A valid Hong Kong Identity Card, Chinese Identity Card or photocopy of the passport of the account holder

· Proof of address (e.g. water, electricity bill or rate bill with your name printed on it for the last three months.)

· Proof of bank account (e.g. bank statement)


Before signing the account opening document, please ensure that you have read, understood and accepted the relevant terms, conditions and conditions.

If you have any enquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Deposit method

Customers can deposit funds by cheque, cashier's cheque, transfer, telegraphic transfer or e-banking through the following methods:

【Deposit Method 1:】 Deposit by cheque or cashier's cheque: Directly to the Settlement Department of the Head Office

Notification Inward Deposit Method: No notice is required

Remarks: On the back of the cheque or cashier's cheque, please write the customer's name and customer securities account number

【Deposit Method 2: 】Deposit/transfer to the Company's designated bank account

Notification of deposit method: Please send or fax the deposit receipt (deposit paper) to the settlement department of the company

Remarks: Please write down the customer's name and customer securities account number clearly

【Deposit Method 3:】 Wire Transfer

Notification of incoming deposit method: Please fax the remittance advice to our settlement department

Remarks: Please write down the customer's name and customer securities account number clearly

Deposit Account

The designated bank account information of Matrix Securities Limited is as follows:

Company Name: Matrix Securities Limited

Bank Name: Bank of Communications

Account Number: 027-841102352702

FPS ID: 112271432

Deposit Currency: HKD


Cheque/cashier's cheque payable to "Matrix Securities Limited" or "Matrix Securities Limited".

Please write the account name and number on the receipt and email/fax to the Bank


Fax: +852 2521 7700

Fund Withdrawal

Instruction Channels




  ·   APP: Submit withdrawal instruction

  ·   By Phone: Contact us at (852)2208 7815

  ·   By Fax: Complete the "Withdrawal Form" and fax to (852)2521 7700

  ·   By Email: Complete the "Withdrawal Form" and email to

Ways of Fund Withdrawal



  ·   For instruction received before the cut-off time, FPS or cheque will be issued and deposited into client's registered bank account on the same day.

  ·   For instruction received after the cut-off time, FPS or cheque will be issued and deposited into client's registered bank account on the next business day.

  ·   Upon client's request, fund could be transferred by CHATS or Telegraphic Transfer.

Cut-off Time

  ·   12:00 noon on every trading day

* Please note that Matrix Securities will not accept any third party deposit or withdrawal under normal circumstances. Any exception is subject to prior management approval.